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Study Finds Performing Arts Organizations and Over Half of Museums Struggle to Meet Day-to-Day Obligations

Has your organization ever been cash-strapped?  If so, you know more than you may want to know about the importance of working capital.

Do arts organizations bring in enough money to cover expenses? There were sharp downward trends, regardless of how bottom line was calculated.

The 2017 NCAR Arts Vibrancy Index ranks the most vibrant arts cities in America. How is the rest of the country faring when it comes to arts vibrancy?

museum exhibit

Arts and culture aren’t “out there” and just for an elite part of the population.  They are closer and more immediate and personal than most people give them credit for being.  

Karen Brooks Hopkins and Steven A. Wolff

Webinar: How can anchor arts institutions in low income communities make maximum cultural, social and economic impact?