A Tour of SMU Student Theater

SMU Student Theatre, which we lovingly call SMUST, prepares students for life after college. Here's how.

Surveying The Big Events at Meadows School of the Arts

What's going on at Meadows School of the Arts--from Theatre to Dance.

The 2014 SMU Commencement Address by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings gave the Commencement address at SMU on May 17, 2014, joining the University in celebrating the academic accomplishments of more than 2,100 students. Mayor Rawlings was introduced by SMU President R. Gerald Turner.

The Introduction to the 2014 Brown Bag Dance Series

The Brown Bag Dance Series hits SMU's lobby every season. This was the scene at last week's.


Music- Balkan Beat Box
Choreography- Shauna Davis
Dancers- Kat Barragan, Ellie Blanchat, Bre'Ann Burger, Camille Cucjen, Hope Endrenyi, Diane Liu, Fallon Reedy and Raven Ross

PHOTOS: The MFA Stage Design Class of 2014 Presents Their Work

The MFA Stage Design Class of 2014, including Tim Rothwell, Ella Rose Haag, Roselaine Fox (Costume Design), and Fred Uebele showcased their remarkable work in the Atrium of SMU Meadows big theater performances. This was the scene of the scenes. Photos by Nick Rallo. Catch much more at

Photos from Meadows’ Production of Richard III by William Shakespeare

Directed by Michael Connolly

A towering and thrilling Shakespearean masterpiece featuring one of
the theater’s most entertaining villains and the array of brilliant
women and men who oppose him. Master of a diabolically cruel wit,
Richard boasts that he “can smile and murder whiles I smile….” In
response, the poet W.H. Auden suggests that the murderous king “must
always make enemies, for then he can be sure he exists.”


Behind the scenes of All the Wrong Friends

On set photos from production of All the Wrong Friends, the first feature-length film shot as part of the  Summer Film Production.

Opera Free For All: Favorite Moments from Favorite Operas

Under the direction of Hank Hammett, the Meadows Opera Theatre performed their favorite moments from their favorite operas in the Bob Hope Lobby this afternoon. Photos by Brian Hwu.

Meadows Opera Theatre: Behind-the-scenes of Albert Herring

This virtuoso comic masterpiece tells the tale of the only virgin left in a small English town, a meek, shy mama’s boy who is crowned May King when none of the local girls are deemed pure enough to wear the crown.

MFA Costume/Set Design Exhibition

Meadows MFA Students exhibited their semester's work in the Margo Jones Theatre today. Work included set design, costume design and lighting from past performances including "This Beautiful City" and "Cloud 9", as well as from upcoming performances in the spring. Photos by Brian Hwu.

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