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The 2014 SMU Commencement Address by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings gave the Commencement address at SMU on May 17, 2014, joining the University in celebrating the academic accomplishments of more than 2,100 students. Mayor Rawlings was introduced by SMU President R. Gerald Turner.

This is How You Pour Molten Hot Bronze

Watch the SMU Meadows Art Division team pour molten hot bronze.

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Art in an Elevator, from MFA 15 Janna Langholz

FA Art grad student Janna Langholz ('15) used an unusual space to exhibit her work -- the interior of an elevator at SMU Meadows School of the Arts in Dallas, Texas. "Securely Enveloped" on exhibit during December 2013.

A Moment with Teddy Cruz: Visiting Artist Lecture Series

SMU Meadows' art prof Noah Simblist sits with artist Teddy Cruz. Follow SMU Meadows on Facbeook:

Graffiti: UK vs US; student explores graffiti as art and as threat

Graffiti: UK vs. U.S. Rachel Wilson (SMU Meadows student, B.A. Film & Media Arts, '14) explores what makes urban art acceptable ... or a threat, as a part of her 2013-14 Engaged Learning grant.

Visiting Artist: Charlie Gere

Professor and Chair of the SMU Meadows Division of Art, Michael Corris, sits down with Professor Charlie Gere from Lancaster University.

Meadows Prize Winners 2013-2014 Spring Residency

Violist Nadia Sirota and interdisciplinary artist Tania Bruguera, winners of the 2013 Meadows Prize at SMU Meadows School of the Arts, conducted the first half of their residencies at SMU in April. The prize includes housing for a one-month residency in Dallas, along with expenses and a $25,000 stipend. In return, recipients are expected to interact in a substantive way with Meadows students and collaborating arts organizations, and to leave a lasting legacy in Dallas. Both artists will return in Fall 2013 to complete their residencies.

Visiting Artist: Tania Bruguera

Tania Bruguera is one of the leading political and performance artists of her generation. Her work researches ways in which art can be applied to everyday political life; she seeks to create a public forum to debate ideas shown in their state of contradictions and to focus on the transformation of the condition of “viewer” into one of “citizenry.” Bruguera uses the terms “arte de conducta” (conduct/behavior art) and “arte útil” (useful art) to define her practice. She works on appropriating the resources of power to create power, and on creating political situations through art.

Visiting Artist: Dave Mackenzie

Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Dave Mackenzie
(edited by Liz Meyer)

Mackenzie's works, often manifested in video or performance, explores identity, race, and public (re)presentation of self. Poignant, exhausting, literally gut-wrenching works deal with issues of hero worship, masculinity, mortality, the AIDS crisis and personal truth. Mackenzie often uses himself as a subject in his work which straddles a world of humor and deep serious issues.

Visiting Artist Series: Kanishka Raja

Kanishka Raja visited the Division of Art at SMU Meadows in Fall 2012 as part of the division's ongoing Visiting Artist Series. Raja is an alum of the program; his work has been exhibited widely in the United States, India, and Europe. Raja is a recipient of the 2011 Joan Mitchell Foundation award in painting. In 2004, he received the ICA/Digitas Artist Prize from the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. His work is included in the collections of the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA and the Meadows Art Museum.

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