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Quentin and Lisa ... At The Grocery Store

Filmed in a single, six-minute take, this is the story of two feuding exes who are unfortunately reunited while grocery shopping, resulting in a very awkward, very public display of spite. This short is a spinoff from the feature length screenplay THE WEDDING PARTY, an ensemble romantic comedy also written to be filmed in one continuous shot.

SMU alumni include writer and director Thane Economou, producer Ryan Hawkins, actor and producer James Lentzsch, actor Nick Commella, and 2nd Assistant director Dane Brannan.

The 2014 SMU Commencement Address by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings gave the Commencement address at SMU on May 17, 2014, joining the University in celebrating the academic accomplishments of more than 2,100 students. Mayor Rawlings was introduced by SMU President R. Gerald Turner.

This is a Tour the SMU Film and Media Arts Facilities

A tour of the facilities and equipment available to students at Southern Methodist University's Division of Film & Media Arts; created by SMU's Student Filmmakers' Association

Behind the scenes of All the Wrong Friends

On set photos from production of All the Wrong Friends, the first feature-length film shot as part of the  Summer Film Production.

Behind the scenes of The Dread Factory

On set photos from production of The Dread Factory, a 40-minute supernatural thriller created by Advertising and Film & Media Arts students/faculty in summer 2010.  The movie was shot in the abandoned bread factory (now the site of SMU's data center) on the south side of Mockingbird, shortly before the building was demolished.  Photos by Gerald Reihsen IV (SMU B.A. Film 2011).

Trailers available here and here.

Brown Bag 2013 Promo

Presented by students in the Division of Dance, this popular series features lunchtime performances of 10-15 original works that range from flowing, traditional ballet to edgy modern dance, peppered with touches of humor, fun and drama.

Sharp Show 2013 Promo

Promo for the 2013 Sharp Show. The annual Sharp Show features works choreographed and produced by seniors in the Division of Dance.

Ron Judkins (BFA '75): Neighbors

NOTE: You've probably heard Ron Judkins' work in films such as "Jurassic Park" and "Saving Private Ryan" -- Judkins won a best sound Oscar for each of those films and has provided his sound-design skills to many other Hollywood and independent features (he was also nominated for Spielberg's "Schindler's List" and for best sound mixing on "War of the Worlds"). His first feature as a writer-director, "The Hi-Line," debuted at Sundance in 1999 and eventually sold to Showtime.

Living Without Mad Men

A comedic sketch about three men living without Mad Men for 18 months.

Directed by Thane Economou

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