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The 2014 SMU Commencement Address by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings gave the Commencement address at SMU on May 17, 2014, joining the University in celebrating the academic accomplishments of more than 2,100 students. Mayor Rawlings was introduced by SMU President R. Gerald Turner.

This is How You Pour Molten Hot Bronze

Watch the SMU Meadows Art Division team pour molten hot bronze.

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The Inaugural NCAR Report: The Upcoming Dashboard

View the full, interactive report right here:

How NCAR Found A Way to Measure High Performance in the Arts

The full National Center for Arts research report is right here.

Measuring the Immeasurable: NCAR Examines the Key Indicators

Read more on Identifying High Performance and Key Intangible Performance Indicators (KIPIs):

Art in an Elevator, from MFA 15 Janna Langholz

FA Art grad student Janna Langholz ('15) used an unusual space to exhibit her work -- the interior of an elevator at SMU Meadows School of the Arts in Dallas, Texas. "Securely Enveloped" on exhibit during December 2013.

A Moment with Teddy Cruz: Visiting Artist Lecture Series

SMU Meadows' art prof Noah Simblist sits with artist Teddy Cruz. Follow SMU Meadows on Facbeook:

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