Event info

Saturday, February 8, 2014 - 6:30pm

FREE but reservations are required.


Music at the Meadows: The Rise of Flamenco - Lorca, Falla, Sorolla, Andalusia 1920-39

In conjunction with the Museum’s Sorolla symposium, the Orchestra of New Spain will present a preview of its annual staged production. This year the production brings together two of Dallas’s stellar flamenco companies – Daniel de Cordoba’s Los Bailes Españoles and Delilah Buitron’s Flamenco Festival – as well as international guest artists, who will join the Orchestra in a celebration of flamenco dance and its surroundings in early 20th-century Andalusia. This preview will add music and dance to Joaquín Sorolla’s images of the national dance form. The program includes work by Federico Garcia Lorca, whose musical ear prompted his transcriptions of traditional Andalusian songs before his writings condemned him to a martyr’s grave, and by Manuel de Falla. De Falla traveled to Paris and London to share his Spanish-ness, before it was accepted in Madrid, with his ballet El corregidor y la molinera, which was later revised to become known as El sombrero de tres picos (1917) and produced by Serge Diaghilev with set design and costumes by Pablo Picasso.


For information or reservations, call 214-750-1492 or visit orchestraofnewspain.org.