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Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 6:00pm



Museum Evening Lecture: “Juan Alonso de Villabrille y Ron: Spanish Baroque Sculptor at the Meadows Museum”

Pablo Cano Sanz, Art History Professor and Head of the Department of Humanities at the School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property of Madrid

The work of artist Juan Alonso de Villabrille y Ron (h.1663 - h.1728) is a relevant example of the High Baroque in Spain. Based on historical documents, scholars have been able to reconstruct the life of the artist. A few signed and dated sculptures have helped to attribute other works that are similar in style to Villabrille, thereby contributing to an emerging catalog of works, including a polychrome terracotta titled St. Paul the Hermit that was recently acquired by the Meadows Museum. Such evidence of his artistic production confirms Villabrille as one of the great creators of Spanish Baroque sculpture.


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