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Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 5:30pm



Learning to See: Franz Marc and Robert Delaunay.

Learning To See

In 1912, Franz Marc made a special trip to visit the Paris studio of artist Robert Delaunay. Shortly after, Marc's paintings demonstrate a noticeable shift into increasingly abstract forms. This talk explores the consequences of Marc's friendship with Delaunay, suggesting that the artists' shared interest in theories of cognition and perception may offer a key to understanding both abstraction and primitivism in Marc's late work.


Kimberly Smith, PhD
Professor, Southwestern University

Professor Smith teaches courses on modern European and American art, and the history of art history. In her teaching, Smith hopes to make her students aware of the complex mechanisms by which works of art speak to viewers about history and culture. She emphasizes the work of art as precisely that -- a material site where the work of articulating national, gender, ethnic, religious or class identities takes place. In all her courses, she presents the discipline of art history as the lively, collective production of interpretations, rather than an inert archive To this end, the methods by which art historians arrive at their conclusions are always foregrounded in class discussions, and students are encouraged to think creatively and inquisitively about how we generate analyses of all aspects of visual culture.


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