Event info

Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm



Meadows World Music Ensemble

Hot drumming and imaginative improvisation are a hallmark of the Meadows World Music Ensemble. Directed by Jamal Mohamed, the group performs on a variety of exotic percussion instruments from Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as traditional Western instruments such as vibraphone, keyboards and guitars. The concert will feature traditional works from cultures around the world as well as original compositions.

Members include:

Jay Apaji – Mridangam and Percussion
Jackson Butt – Percussion and Sound
Lawson Malnori – Vibes, Marimba and Percussion
Francis Ramas – Viola
Ryan Robertson – Trumpet
Harrison Schumann - Violin
Jeff Tullis - Bass
Sergio Tapanes, Bonnie Wei – Keyboards

This concert is very special as it includes World Music Ensemble alumni who are featured in an upcoming album release including:

Kevin Butler – Tuba
Ben Croucher – Vibes and Percussion
Jonathan Jones – Woodwinds
Rachel LaViola and Varsha Appaji - Vocals
Michael Nesuda – Guitar — with Ryan Robertson, Jonathan Jones, Rachel LaViola, Jackson Butt and Lawson Malnory


For more information call 214.768.2787