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Friday, May 5, 2017 - 6:00pm

FREE, but reservations are required


Meadows Museum Lecture: “Los borrones de Ticiano: The Venetian Brushstroke and Its Spanish Translations”

Featuring Diane Bodart, David Rosand Assistant Professor of Italian Renaissance Art History, Columbia University

From Venice to Spain, from Titian to Velázquez, the definition of the painterly brushwork uses a vocabulary of failure related to the idea of stain: macchia, borrón, mancha – a formless area of color that soils or conceals the surface underneath. Around the creative potential of the stain, the border between the miracle of the perfect illusionistic painting and the danger of bad painting may be very thin: while the stains of Titian and Velázquez are praised in the contemporary discourse of art, their followers are criticized as daubers –imbrattatori,empastadores, manchantes. Focusing on the semantic and technical implications of the translation of the Venetian macchia into the Spanish borrón, the lecture will investigate the transformative process of the interpretation of Titian’s model in Spain. A reception follows in the museum’s Gene and Jerry Jones Great Hall.


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