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Monday, November 6, 2017 - 3:30pm

FREE and open to the public


Master Class: “Pathways to Performance Mastery” with Gary Ferguson

This master class promises to motivate performers in all disciplines to explore their full potential in rehearsal and on stage. Gary Jobe Ferguson is an inspirational teacher, healer and coach who has been assisting people in the actualization of their creative potential since healing himself of cancer in 1993. His Pathways to Performance Mastery Program provides simple tools and techniques, based on breakthroughs in neuroscience and mind-body medicine, to empower musicians to approach each facet of their musical life (practicing, rehearsing, performing and auditioning) with an embodied, emotional connection to their creative voice and to the music they are playing. Utilizing these techniques effects change at the most critical level – in the brain – rewiring the neural pathways associated with the creative process, thereby reducing performance anxiety and helping a musician display their musical gifts when it matters most. While targeted to musicians, the class is also applicable to actors, dancers and other performers.

About the speaker: Ferguson was diagnosed with cancer in 1993 while he was the principal trumpet player in the State Orchestra of Mexico. Early challenges in his healing process – metastasis and a failure to respond to conventional treatment – drove him to seek a variety of healing paths, including mind-body medicine and kinesiology. By creating a new relationship to life and using adjunctive cancer treatments to support his body in the healing process, he not only began to respond to conventional treatment, but was cancer free in 12 weeks. After 24 years of working in the health and wellness industry, Ferguson has now come full circle back into the world of music, applying his vast experience to the field of performance enhancement. He has designed a revolutionary new program to help musicians actualize their gifts and experience greater creative freedom. His performance enhancement coaching is an outgrowth of his many years of studying with world-class musicians, leaders in somatic and depth psychology, and pioneers in mind-body medicine and specialized kinesiology. Ferguson works one-on-one with clients, is a dynamic public speaker and trainer, and teaches classes and workshops on health and wellness, performance enhancement, personal growth and self-transformation.


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