What should you do if you are in a programming rut or your season is not as ambitious artistically as you would have desired?

This post by Eliza Bent explores how using crowd-sourcing in the creation of new work can not only reinvigorate the creative process, but also

Morrie Warshawski offers an extensive checklist for taking a hard look at the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

Barbara Kibbe’s piece on organizational assessment’s importance and cause can be of special pertinence to assessing program activity.


This page from GrantSpace has several useful links for resources you can use to improve the quality and depth of your evaluations for your nonprofit.

This profile on the WhiteNOISE project in Glasgow explains a growing contemporary take on artistic and organizational collaboration. Research conducted on the local arts scene revealed methods that would benefit the entirety of the artistic community.

‘Test Drive’ is a term used to describe an organization’s planned and incentivised encouragement of people to experience something in the arts for the first time. This resource is designed to be a quick prompt that can help you assess where your organization is now in reaching out to family audiences and whether starting a new Test Drive Campaign is appropriate.

Thinking about adding a youth program offering? This online tool helps you assess organizational capacity and plan for youth programming.