This study by Capacity Interactive reviews the general state of arts organizations in reference to their use of digital media, including metri

Think you need to completely overhaul your arts marketing strategy? Think again.

Combining development and marketing efforts can have a powerful impact in cultivating advocates for your organization.

Great brands are those that are able to go beyond a category and become culturally relevant. How do become a lifestyle brand?


The Chicago Shakespeare Theater drafts a campaign to build a mobile database, opening a new channel for communication.

Cultural organizations can improve marketing practices by looking to the for-profit example of Five Guys.


How does your organization make branding, customer service, and pricing decisions? Data can be a great tool for directing your marketing efforts.

TRG suggests using data analysis to determine the next right offer and evaluate its success.

Your organization’s database management is key to making data-driven decisions. Watching data metrics will improve revenue and garner more loyal patrons.

Understanding the patron through data is a core competency that every arts organization should possess. Knowing the patron can lead to benefits that improve marketing efficiency.


Implementing and optimization constituent relationship management can be difficult. This post makes some helpful observations about how to bring about change.

For 2013, some key constituent relationship management trends have emerged.


How to be strong in a transactional world? Use marketing to touch as many people as you can.

“Data concerning visitor-serving organizations (VSOs) reveals that travel party constructs have evolved.” This trend may change how your organization markets and accomodates visitors.

Do you know your customer? Intimately knowing your consumer can improve your marketing and help you build stronger relationships.

People respond to relevant messages. Segmenting lists can help arts organizations craft more compelling marketing messages.