Compare your theatre’s performance to your contemporaries.

At the heart of the fiscal issues facing the Minnesota Orchestra, this blog article covering the $52 million renovation of the locked out orch

Michael Anthony’s article for MinnPost analyzes the potential fallout of an orchestra potentially losing their star conductor to lockout.


This article explores past and future fiscal performance of the Minnesota orchestra.

MPR details the specific argument points at the root of the continued lockout.

Minnesota Public Radio article chronicles the back-and-forth between musician and administrations saying the next progression is up to the other. Outlines need for a focused negotiation timeline and establishing a negotiating framework for dialogue.


This study from Theatre Development Fund analyzes “new play production practices and the economics and culture of playwriting in America.”

Ann Goggins Gregory & Don Howard outline a multi-faceted cycle that leads nonprofits down a damaging road. Among the aspects covered are underfed overhead, misleading reporting, and what grantees can do.

Theatre Communications Group chronicles surveying they did in inspecting the relationship between theatre organizations and individual artists. The culminating report is called “State of the Artists”, and explores various elements to this relationship, including the delicate and perceived tension between investing in artists vs investing in administrative personnel.

This article from a local Cleveland news site outlines the swiftness and success behind the Cleveland Orchestra’s most recent negotiation. Citing pay raises, this October 2012 negotiation stands out as a textbook example for negotiations gone well.

This downloadable Power Point from EisnerAmper Accountants & Advisors details nonprofit expense reporting, especially as pertains to fundraising.

This story out of San Francisco takes a look at a sizable upcoming disagreement between the San Francisco Ballet and its dancers’ union, the American Guild of Musical Artists.

This blog by Brian Lauritzen addresses a March 2013 article that ridiculed the San Francisco Symphony for their strike earlier this year. He breaks down the facts of why orchestra musicians deserve the level of pay that they have come to expect.

This Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article chronicles the recent signing of a new CBA largely designating wage increases for the musicians—a year before the current CBA expired.