Considering applying for a loan?

The Commonfund Institute is dedicated to the advancement of investment knowledge in the nonprofit community and the promotion of best financia

Interested in what grantmaker’s are (or should be?) looking for when reviewing an applicant’s balance sheet?

Against the Grain, is a blog on the Chronicle of Philanthropy website.


Nonprofit Finance Fund shares results from change capital investments. Change capital is money to grow, shrink or adjust an organization’s business model.


This blog entry gets back to the basics by providing guiding principles on how to correctly set fundraising targets.

Need tips for developing a strategic and manageable budget? Here are 6 tips that may help in creating a sound financial road map:


From surviving to thriving…not only does this report posit that financial health and mission impact are inextricably linked, but it also discusses capitalization needs, challenges, and study implications for arts and culture organizations.

This article tells the success story of The Center for Creative Education in West Palm Beach. Specifically, a turnaround in finances and administrative priorities allowed the Center to take off and provide arts education to the area.


Organizations with strong financial management are better able to fulfill their missions and deliver high-qulaity services.

Our partners, the Nonprofit Finance Fund are launching a financial webinar series. And while not specifically focused on the arts, they are designed for nonprofit staff and board members. The focus of the series is to move the practitioner beyond the scope of general compliance functions and teach participants how to read and interpret financial statements to inform strategic decisions.